Getting your school online is easy with MySchoolWeb

Our school website packages communicate a positive image of your school and can become the first port of call for information. Our websites are specifically structured to meet the needs of schools and custom extras can be added to enhance design. With a MySchoolWeb school website, you can update from the office or from home. Our ongoing support for website management, training, step by step guides, helpful email and phone support. We provide a secure environment for hosting your website. Our hosting includes automated daily backups.

MySchoolWeb has been creating websites for schools since 1993 and currently support over 60 school websites. We work in collaboration with school staff throughout the design stage and have a strong commitment to providing a website that showcases your school. We provide both the initial training and ongoing support from a friendly and dedicated team.

Custom website packages designed for schools

Professional website design, easy to update and dependable web hosting. With a MySchoolWeb website, the information on your website can be easily updated by school staff from any computer with internet access. Text, images and links can be added on each page by following the step by step instructions in the User Manual provided. The MySchoolWeb package also offers the following modules which make browsing your website and finding relevant information quick and user friendly.

Calendar Module For all your school’s events

The calendar module is viewed in monthly calendar format so parents can view the school’s upcoming events. New events can be added to the calendar by school staff. The title of the event will appear on the date specified and parents can then click on the link to view extra details or even print off permission slips.

News Module News Alerts

The news module is featured on the side bar of your home page. The date, title and summary of the news item is listed as well as a link to read more. This link will take viewers to another page to view more details of the news item including pictures, detailed information and links.

Newsletter Module Upload your weekly newsletters in five minutes

The newsletter module generates your school newsletters into a list so both the current and archived newsletters can be viewed in PDF format. This allows the newsletter to maintain correct formatting when both viewing an printing. Weekly newsletters can be uploaded in less than 10 minutes by simply uploading the PDF document to the newsletter module and selecting the correct date. A summary option is also included.

Information Module For all your policy documents

The information module enables relevant school policies to be easily listed on your website in PDF format making it quick and easy to update documents such as Behaviour Management policies, Bullying policies and Uniform polices. MySchoolWeb can set up the information module on any page of your school’s website and documents can be added and deleted by school staff.

Photo Album Module Showcase your school’s events and accomplishments in a slideshow

The photo album module is the gallery section of your school’s website. It contains albums of photos that can be viewed as a slideshow to showcase your school’s events and achievements. Using a free photo resizing program, slide shows will look professional and highlight your school’s successes.